Meditating in Nature


Founded in Daoist philosophy, Still Waters uses the physical practices of qigong and meditation to cultivate the self through uniting mind and body and taming the heart.


In Chinese and in Daoist thought, the idea of 心 (xin/heart) is not limited to the organ in our chest, but encompasses the mind-body-feeling connection. When we develop and tame (cultivate) our hearts, we experience a wide range of benefits, both personal and, by extension, societal.


We might find that we are calmer, stronger, more balanced, more compassionate and empathetic, more present, and less concerned with worry and strife. We might also experience improved health such as pain reduction, improved quality of sleep, increased flexibility, and much more.


Mental health might equally improve, lessening anxiety, frustration, depression, and other uncomfortable or inhibiting mental states. When we are centered, stable, and content, this radiates out into our relationships and permeates our environment. 

Still Waters is dedicated to helping others through these powerful practices which incorporate movement, mindfulness, and breathwork. We ground in the present moment, explore and befriend our human selves, and begin to let go of all which does not serve us, particularly tension, anxiety, grasping, and holding of past experience.


Through diligent and sincere practice, we can begin to reconnect our 心xin/heart and allow the turbulent waters of inner life to soften and become still.