About Elizabeth MEd, CQT, RYT 200, RCYT

Elizabeth was introduced to the Daoist arts in her early 20's and has practiced various forms of qigong and taichi over her lifetime. Her practice has helped her come to terms with her own anxiety and has fueled her passion for helping people face, sit with, and let go of anxiety, stress, trauma, and other negatively impactful life events.


The name Still Waters is an homage to the Daoist practice of taming the heart, or clarifying the turbid by means of stillness. Through stillness, we return to our origins and become one with the flow of the great way.

Daoist philosophy informs her practice and life. She spent a year in Wudang, China, learning various Daoist arts. She practices 5 Elements Qigong and several forms of Tai Chi, as well as standing meditation (ZhanZhuang), which inform her current practice of helping others center and ground themselves to let go of worry and cultivate longevity and ease in their lives.


With a background in psychology (BA), education (MEd), and the Daoist arts, Elizabeth has worked with a myriad of different people of all ages, from children living with Autism to immigrant adults coping with the stress of adjusting to a new land, to clients suffering from similar paralyzing anxiety.  She draws from her multidisciplinary background to help her clients examine their internal experiences, identify the source, and develop ways of releasing through stillness and mindful movement. Together, they explore the how the body creates and experiences emotional events, befriend the body in those experiences, and learn to use it as a resource in coping with difficult emotions and sensations.

With a trauma-informed lens, her method combines mindfulness, movement, and reflective discussion to give clients a safe space to explore, embrace, and let go of their troubles.

Meditating Together