Chair Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese movement practice that balances the body's energies and opens the joints and tissues to improve circulation and health. Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it combines gentle, coordinated movement, deep breathing, and internal mindfulness to relax, align and heal the body.  

Although qigong is traditionally practiced standing, it can also be done standing with the support of a chair or even seated, so all can benefit regardless of age, injuries, or mobility/flexibility issues.


Qi (/chee/) is roughly translated as 'energy' and is found in all things; Gong (/gong/) is can be thought of as skilled work. Together, this term means a system of physical movements aimed at cultivating and refining one's energy. Energy is always moving around, as heat, light, sound, vibration, movement, and so on, and it can become stuck or perhaps flow too quickly. Through our practice we can work through blockages and/or conserve flow, leading to improved health and emotional balance. 

Not only does qigong improve our energetic health, it also improves our physical health. Using the principles of tensegrity and relaxation, the movements of qigong gently penetrate into the deepest layers of our bodies to elongate fascia, massage internal organs/tissues and bring hydration and nourishment throughout the body. 

Private classes are $75 for 75 minutes 

Group rate is $100/h

If you are interested in bringing qigong to your friends, clients, residents, or community, please fill out the form! You can also use the form to request a call to get more information!