Private Sessions

Meditating Together

Private sessions are for anyone who is feeling anxious, depressed, frustrated, burnt out, stuck, or in need of a change. Perhaps you are still feeling the waves of past trauma. Perhaps there is something not clicking in your life and you'd like to explore different perspectives. Perhaps you are ready to tune in to the deeper levels of your spirit.


Join me and we will work together to get into our bodies, reconnecting with them through gently profound  movement arts. These sessions are tailored to your needs, so they will all look a bit different. 

Generally, we use grounding, gentle movement and stillness to cultivate a mindful awareness of our internal experience. By exploring what is happening inside and how it affects and is affected by what is happing outside, we develop techniques for managing our internal state.  We also work through letting go of worries, stress, frustrations, through a Daoist lens.


75-minute Session: $75 

3 Session Bundle: $200

*sliding scale options available

If you're interested in private individual or private group sessions, please contact me.