Yin Yoga for Tradies
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If you're a tradesperson, athlete, personal trainer, sports player, or just the type of person who does a lot of physical activity during the day, yin yoga is for you. Working hard all day tenses your muscles and drains your body's nourishing resources to keep you working in peak form.


You likely come home at the end of the day feeling tired, sore, drained and maybe a bit stressed. All you want to do is relax, but the work of the day is still spinning around in your head. The last thing you want to do is downward dog, plank, or boat pose. You just want to lie down for 20 minutes!


Yin yoga is just like that!  It is a passive practice that requires no muscular effort; in fact, muscular effort reduces the effectiveness of yin. 

Yin yoga works with your fascia (connective tissue), which encapsulates, connects, hydrates and nourishes all your muscles. It's kind of like an elastic surrounding everything. Whatever work you do, your fascia adapts to make it easier for your muscles to do it.


Always bending over? Your fascia builds up around your hip flexors to make it easier to bend over! Often hunched over the computer? Your fascia lifts up your shoulders to accommodate. Always gripping a hammer, trowel, shovel, or jackhammer? You guessed it... the fascia in your hands supports your muscles in a gripping position.


Fascia is incredible elastic and helpful, always adapting to our habitual body postures. This is both a blessing and a curse, however, since not taking time to release muscles and lengthen/loosen our fascia can create a variety of issues in our bodies. Tightness, inflexibility, pain and tension spill over from the work we do into our down time. 


By holding the postures (asana) of yin yoga for time, during which we just breath and let gravity do its thing, the body can slowly relax, tense muscles can let go, fascia can gently lengthen like stretching a web, joints can open and minds can become quiet.  This also brings the hydration and nourishment necessary to restore and maintain health in all of our tissues. That's why it's perfect for tradies!

Give your tense and hard-working muscles (and mind!) a break as you sink into Yin and let the day melt away.

​Yin Yoga session: $20

Tuesday Evenings from 6:45-8pm

Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver